More than a primitive function, walking has evolved, and has become a simple way to combine entertainment and physical exertion.
To explore while having fun: it is from this common objective that the contemporaries of the walk and the hike are born like the trekking, the challenge hike, the orienteering ...
An evolution from which new benefits are born, thanks to its slow pace and its environment, walking transmits new information to our brain. It gives birth to a real sensory influx, which takes us out of this hibernation
The smell of an undergrowth, the sound of the swell, the beauty of an architectural landscape ... The walk puts all our senses on the alert, reminds us of the extent of our abilities, commits us to a new ecology of self .
It is always the call of the far-off that motivates us, this curiosity that exists in us, the discovery of places other than those of everyday life.
No sooner is an expedition over than the next puts us in suspense and stimulates in us the desire to leave.
Meet new people, understand a new culture
discover new landscapes, test new culinary flavors, get out of your comfort zone, recharge your batteries, go on an adventure with strangers, learn to relax, see the beauty of nature, understand humanity, observe changes of the planet, live the present moment.
The thirst for new horizons, adventures and encounters makes curiosity a necessity and this is why our association has become a very popular tool in the organization of these events.
It also feeds our exchanges during our meetings, the most funny moments are reviewed and commented, the analyzed attitudes, the evaluated places and the errors highlighted.
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